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Thigh Master Muscle Fitness Exercise Equipment, Arm Leg Exerciser Pelvic Hip Trainer Inner Thigh Toner For Women Home Gym Yoga Workout Training

1. Made of thickened foam, bold steel spring, and solid steel pipe. The thick foam with a geometric honeycomb structure is soft, wear-resistant, and more durable. Bold spring has a more flexible and greater bearing capacity. Let your muscles have more intense exercise.

2. Excellent exercise toner for arm workouts, leg workouts, inner thigh exercises, and hip exercises. Easy to use with different movements for different body parts. Strengthen your body’s muscles efficiently. Shape the women's hip line effectively, and let you have a charming body.

3. Thigh master specially designed for the exercise of strengthening the legs, arms, buttocks, back, core, calves, triceps, glute, abs, and pelvic floor muscles. It's a very versatile product and It's great for home-based strength training. Anyone can use it for daily exercise.

4. This inner thigh exerciser can effectively stimulate hips and pelvic floor muscle activity. It corrects the pelvic bone and tightens the hip circumference through muscle strength. It's helpful for postpartum women's body recovery and pelvic floor muscle repair.

5. Made of healthy and strong 100% latex material. Ideal for body stretching, chest expansion, resistance training, yoga, and physical therapy. It can be integrated seamlessly with various popular workout programs.

Name: Beautiful leg clip
Color: pink blue gradient
Size: 25mm/500mm
Material: NBR+PP
Uses: Training pelvic bones, beautiful legs, expanded chests and thin arms, beautiful back training

Thigh Master Muscle Fitness Exercise Equipment

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