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1 The towels are easy to clean and wash and due to the superior material with the feature of cooling your body quickly.
2 The cooling towel provides a cooling effect through the evaporation of absorbed water to keep you comfortable for up to several hours.
3 Polyester fiber construction, absorbent, bacteria-resistant, UV protection, and cooling in summer.
4 After wetting in water, gently twisting, and then throwing a few, can achieve the cooling effect.
5 Equipped with a silicone bag to storage the towel, which is a small size and lightweight to carry and store.
6 Scope of application: used for hot weather. General fitness, running, playing ball, outdoor fishing, mountain climbing, high-temperature work, and so on.


Material: Superfine fiber
Main ingredient content: 90
Water absorption: 0-5s
Color: light gray large, light blue large, dark blue large, light pink trumpet, light gray trumpet, light blue trumpet, dark blue trumpet

Size: Large 30*80cm, Small 40*40cm

Package Content:

1*Cold feeling fiber quick-drying towel

Quick Drying Cooling Microfiber Travel Towel with Silicone Bag

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