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Product information :
Material: high quality cotton, containing gel.
Suitable for skin type: any skin type.
Efficacy: Moisturize and moisturize
Style 1: Neck membrane fixing belt-Suede blue [against neck lines]
Style 2: Neck film fixing belt-suede powder [against neck lines]
Style 3: Neck Membrane Fixing Belt-Suede Pink [upgrade]
Style 4: Neck membrane fixing belt-suede golden plum color [upgrade]
Style 5: "upgrade" 2-piece set of change in pink and golden plum color
Style 6: Neck membrane fixed with suede blue+powder change 2-piece set
Style 7: Neck membrane fixed with suede blue-washable 2-piece set

Size Information:
Length: 47 -48cm
Width: 10cm

Packing list:
Neck membrane fixing belt *1, fresh neck membrane paste *1

Cervical Membrane Fixation Band Gel Application

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